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Shock Absorber, Front & Rear Suspension

Shock Absorber, Front & Rear Suspension

Dependable Car Shock Absorber Repair & Services in Singapore

Shock absorbers play a vital role and are an integral part of the car suspension system. The need for shock absorber repairs can occur due to multiple reasons. It is advisable to ensure proper maintenance of the shock absorbers by the experts. If you are worried about your car shock absorbers and looking for a mechanic nearby, book your appointment with Accord Auto Services in Singapore anytime. We provide a dependable shock absorber solution for the entire car segment that even includes the top models and brands in the country.

Our experienced mechanics perform the essential check to find the actual cause of the problem in the shock absorber of your car. We at Accord Auto Services aim at achieving complete satisfaction. You can bank upon us for the dependable car shock absorber repair & services in Singapore for your own or company-owned cars.

High-quality Service at A Competitive Cost

We believe in making long-term business relationships. Hence, we strive to achieve the highest level of satisfaction. At Accord Auto Services in Singapore, we understand your concern for the cost and make sure you get value for every single penny spent on your car front suspension repair or replacement. You can avail high-quality service at a competitive cost at our hi-tech workshop. Try our car repair service to experience the difference.

Types of Shock Absorbers in Car

There are several types of shock absorbers used in cars. The types of shock absorbers used in a car depend upon various factors.

Below are the shock absorber types in a car:

  • Hydraulic type shock absorbers
  • Friction type shock absorber
  • Lever-type shock absorber
  • Single-acting shock absorber
  • Double-acting shock absorbers
  • Telescopic type shock absorber

We at Accord Auto Services have the best in class mechanics available to inspect your luxury cars. Our trained mechanics at the workshop will do a thorough check to locate the exact problem in your car shock absorbers. They recommend the need for a repair or replacement of parts in your car only after performing the necessary tests and inspection. We guarantee complete peace of mind and value for money every time you visit our workshop. You can book an appointment with us for Shock Absorber Repair in Singapore whenever you feel a need for the repair.

The Accord Difference

  • Fast turnaround with no compromise on quality
  • We use brand name components & lubricants
  • Experienced and professional mechanics
  • State of the art workshop
  • All servicing carried out on site
  • All brands of cars serviced
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The Professional Car Suspension Repair in Singapore

Every car owner wishes to enjoy a smooth driving experience. For the same reason, it is necessary to ensure the proper maintenance of your car. The problem related to a front suspension problem is unpredictable. You can experience it at any point of time. You can get the front or rear suspension problem in your car fixed by choosing our professional suspension repair service in the country. We are the one-stop destination in the country for the complete solution to car front suspension repair and maintenance needs. Accord Auto Services is also known for offering competitive estimates for repair

Whether you are experiencing a front suspension or rear suspension problem in your car, we have the right solution for it. At Accord Auto Services, we have a team of highly skilled and professional mechanics who have proven experience working on a diverse range of the high-end car segment including BMW 320, BMW 320i, Mercedez Benz C180, Nissan NV200, Nissan Teana, Porsche, Toyota Wish, and more. Choose Accord Auto Services if you are looking for hassle-free car suspension repairs in Singapore.

You can schedule your appointment for the car repair or plan your visit to our state-of-the-art car care facility at your convenient time. Unlike other parts, a twin-tube shock or strut plays a vital role in a car. The use of twin tubes and monotubes depends on the make and model. The cost for both varies and has its importance. Sometimes, problems with twin tubes or bad struts in a car become the reason for the discomfort in driving. Our mechanics are expert at diagnosis and provide you with the estimated cost for repair or auto part replacement required after making the essential checks of your car. We commence the rear suspension repair or replacement works only after you provide us with the approval to fix it.

How to know if your front suspension needs repair?

The problem related to front suspension is more common in a car. There is no specific duration for repair or replacement. It depends on its use and maintenance. 

Some common signs to identify front suspension problem

  • Difficulty in using the car steering
  • Bouncing continues after hitting bumps on a road
  • Parked car one side sitting lower in comparison to the other side
  • While accelerating rear squat experience
  • Bumpy rides unusually
  • Uneven tyre wear and tear 
  • When turning corners pulling to one side

You can enjoy safe and comfortable driving by getting your car maintained by the car experts at Accord Auto Services in Singapore.

How to increase your car suspension life?

The below tips will help you make your car suspension last longer:

  • Smooth driving by a single user 
  • Maintain ease over speed bumps
  • Avoid roads with potholes
  • Prevent overloading your vehicle
  • Perform regular struts check
  • Avoid kerb mounting
  • Do not avoid car rear suspension or front car suspension problem
  • Use world-class and durable car suspension products

What is the cost to fix the front suspension?

The cost to fix the front suspension at Accord Auto Services is comparatively low. You can contact our client support representative for a free quote.  

The Top-quality Durable Shock Absorbers

We use top-quality shock absorbers manufactured by the brands trusted for performance in the global market. These products come with a warranty and give you value for money. However, if you have any brand in your mind, we can try making it available for you. Our expert car technicians can guide you with durable, affordable, and trusted brands shock absorbers.

We recommend getting your vehicle repaired when the front suspension or other problem in your car is at the initial level to avoid inconveniences. Fixing a car suspension problem and car wheel alignment needs expertise. Hence, it is better to get it done by the professional car mechanics at our highly equipped workshop. You can call or write to us to schedule your appointment. Choose Accord Auto Services for the dependable car suspension repairs in Singapore.   

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