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Car Wheel Balancing Service

Car Wheel Balancing Service in Singapore

Wheel balancing is essential for safe and smooth driving. It also helps increase your car tyre life. There is no specific time for wheel balancing need in your vehicle. It depends on how often you use your car or vehicle. Wheel balancing in a car requires the technician to have the experience and knowledge of using modern wheel balancing equipment. You may come across several service providers engaged in providing Car Wheel Balancing solutions at a cheaper cost. It is highly recommended not to compromise with the quality of service over the cost. Getting your car wheel balancing done by an unprofessional can result in dissatisfaction and other types of losses.

Accord Auto Services aims at providing matchless wheel balancing services in Singapore at a competitive rate. Customers can choose to go for a front-end wheel balancing or all four wheels balancing. The charge may vary depending on the car brand and the number of wheels you choose for the wheel balancing. We have experienced and dedicated mechanics at our auto workshop. We follow the essential process and use the trusted Wheel balancer that provides the exceptional solution to the wheel balancing need in different vehicles.

How to diagnose the problem of wheel balancing?

The below symptoms help you know the need for wheel balancing:

  • Vibration in the steering wheel
  • Vibration in the seat
  • Floorboard vibration at a specific speed
  • Fast wear and tear in tyres
  • Uneven rolling of tyres
  • Loud noise while moving on a road
  • Low average and more fuel consumption

Wheel Balancing Check in Singapore

Getting wheel balancing checks done at regular intervals is a good practice. It will not only help avoid many unwanted problems but also provide you with the advantage of smooth driving. Our technicians perform the essential quality checks with the objective of providing top-quality services always. We also provide car wheel alignment along with other repair solutions. At Accord Auto Services, you can avail the professional wheel balancing check in Singapore. Schedule your car wheel balancing check today.

The Accord Difference

  • Fast turnaround with no compromise on quality
  • We use brand name components & lubricants
  • Experienced and professional mechanics
  • State of the art workshop
  • All servicing carried out on site
  • All brands of cars serviced
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More About Wheel Balancing

Generally, there are two types of wheel balancing – static and dynamic. It is performed using wheel balancers, road force variation equipment, automated machines, etc. Manufacturers generally recommended wheel balancing or tyre balancing approximately every seven thousand miles. One should go for the wheel balancing also when a tyre is repaired or replaced; new tyres are purchased, and a balance weight falls off. The tyre balancing process aims at the smooth spinning of all the tyres even at a high speed. The steps followed in the process of wheel balancing may vary depending on the type of equipment used at a workshop.

Key Advantages of Wheel Balancing
  • Eliminates vibration of any kind
  • Overcomes unwanted noise problem
  • Increase mileage and fuel efficiency
  • Increases the lifespan of tyres
  • Smooth driving experience
What sets us apart from others in Singapore?
  • Transparent and dependable wheel balancing
  • State-of-the-art workshop
  • Experience in rear suspension and shock absorbers
  • Solution for complete wheel balancing
  • High-quality services with fast turnaround
  • A free car wash
  • Free safety checks
  • A comprehensive 21 point check
  • Free of charge wheel alignment on the purchase of a full set of 4 tyres
  • Specialize in working for the top brands like BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Porsche, Range Rover, and Volkswagen
The Reliable Rear Suspension Services
Regular servicing and repair of the rear suspension are necessary because of the many advantages it provides. It helps prevent lowering your car and hitting the ground. We have technicians experienced in the repair and replacement of car rear suspension. We assure the reliable rear suspension services in Singapore. You can call us to schedule your appointment or plan your visit to our workshop for car servicing and repairs.

A good suspension system provides comfort for the driver and passengers eradicating the impact of bad road conditions. There are a few car models featuring the suspension offering the smoothest ride. It improves the performance and renders a very good driving experience.

Type of Car Suspensions

Below are the major car suspension types:
  • Multi-Link Suspension
  • Double Wishbone Suspension
  • Independent Suspension
  • Rigid Suspension – Leaf Spring
  • Trailing Arm Suspension
  • Air Suspension
  • Rigid Axle Suspension
  • Macpherson Suspension
The Exclusive Suspension Brands
  • KW Suspensions
  • Koni
  • Air Lift
  • KYB
  • GReddy
  • Bilstein
  • Eibach
  • Skyjacker
How do I upgrade my suspension?
The technicians at Accord Auto Services are highly skilled and can advise you on the possible ways to upgrade suspension in your vehicle.

Why Accord Auto Services for Rear Suspension Solutions?
  • One-stop destination for suspension repair and servicing
  • Experience working with major suspension types
  • Have handled suspension solutions for major car segments
  • A pool of trained and skilled car mechanics
  • Hi-tech car care workshop in Singapore
  • High-quality services at a low charge
  • Satisfactory solution to servicing, maintenance, and repairs
We have the expertise in offering services for front suspension along with the rear suspension. Our valued clients can take the advantage of our expert car mechanics at our workshop in Singapore. You can trust Accord Auto Services and contact us to know the quote for your car wheel balancing and automotive care needs. You can also avail yourself of our servicing and maintenance services at an affordable cost.

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